Is there a new computer in the truck cab?

There is a growing call for efficient but much cheaper approaches to track and trace and on-the-road communications. Technology developments in Smart Phones are quite remarkable and the latest models have considerable computing power. This means that major operators, including 3PLs, retailers and manufacturers, can now recruit the services of smaller cialis sub-contractors who were often ignored because of their lack of telematics capability. At Deltion we are launching CarrierNetMobile – an Android based app which provides  electronic PoD capability; fleet tracking; and satellite navigation. This is all linked through CarrierNet and integrated with traditional telematics output to provide a total fleet and order track and trace capability. And how much do you have to fork out for SmartPhones? The cheapest Android model we have found cost the grand sum of £35 – including VAT. The mobile revolution is rolling. They will become more agile and powerful and even more suitable for the modern lean logistics operation.

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